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3D Laser Scanning Surveys

At ZS Surveys, we can complete a 3D laser scanning service, specific to your needs, to take the stress out of planning any project.

The main benefit with laser scanning is, when used by our experienced surveyors, this piece of equipment is millimetre accurate.

Accuracy saves costs in the design phase, saves money in the build phase and possibly alleviates the hidden cost with your development.

As a company, we have been involved in scanning on many different projects within sectors such as infrastructure, electrical substations, bridges, steel installations, listed properties and domestic homes.

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    Types of 3D Laser Scanning Outputs

    3D laser scanning is the same process whether you are scanning a room, a mansion or a bridge.

    However, the output and your needs can vary significantly.

    From laser scanning, you can extract:

    • 3D Model Of The Area

    • CAD Plans

    • Building Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections

    • Product Modelling

    • Glazing Modelling For Replacements

    The 3D Laser Scanning Process

    ZS Surveys have a work flow that has been refined to allow us to understand the project, survey and deliver exactly what you need.

    Our work flow consists of:

    Who Requires 3D Laser Scanning Surveys?

    If you have a development that requires accurate plans of what is existing or anything that has been installed, 3D laser scanning is the key to cost saving on your project.

    As with all building projects, if you have solid foundations the rest of the building will stand.

    The same is with the design. If your plans are as accurate as possible the design becomes accurate and the development has the best chance of success.

    There may be a cost at the start, this may seem unnecessary at the time.

    However, throughout your project, accurate plans will overcome unforeseen issues, unforeseen issues increase unforeseen costs.

    So, if you are thinking of a project and accurate plans are required, ZS Surveys and 3D laser scanning should be at the forefront of your mind.

    Do You Have Any Questions? Our Experienced Team Is Ready To Help

    Why Use ZS Surveys For Your 3D Laser Scanning Survey?

    ZS Surveys pride them selves in a managed approach to your project.

    We deliver a stress free approach to scanning and provide a working process that is transparent and communicated.

    From costing, to surveying, through to delivery, ZS provide a personal touch that enables you to have faith that your project is being conducted safely, accurately and in a timely manner.

    When working with ZS surveys  for your 3D laser scanning survey, we guarantee:

    • Use of the best and latest equipment
    • Efficient and accurate processing

    • Transparent communication

    • Complete project management

    • A competitive quotation and transparent costings
    • Easily accessible data storage

    • Qualified and professional surveyors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a 3D Laser Scanning Survey?2024-06-27T13:29:26+00:00

    3D laser scanning is a process of work where instruments take a series of points from their location. The instruments will project a laser millions of times around its position to which the laser will hit an object (wall, door or even yourself – don’t worry its safe.) Once the laser hits an object it will register it and log the position.

    The positions of the hits are recorded, providing a 3D point model of the location it has scanned. This can be conducted a series of times, where the positions are fixed together and the points overlap, creating a model of location.

    These models will have everything you can see if you were to walk within the survey areas. If your naked eye can see it the scanner will pick it up and locate it in the model.

    From this, the survey area can be drawn or modelled to the exact requirements of your project.

    How long does a 3D Laser Scanning Survey take?2024-06-27T13:26:39+00:00

    All site work is dependant on size and complexity of the project. The same goes for the production of the deliverables. We will give you realistic time frames and communicate throughout the project.

    How much does a 3D Laser Scanning Survey cost?2024-06-27T13:27:31+00:00

    The cost is dependant on the size and complexity of the project as well as the out put required. 2D plans take less time to produce than models etc. this is why each project is costed individually to your needs.

    How accurate is the 3D Laser Scanning Survey?2024-06-27T13:27:19+00:00

    Dependant on the size and scale of the project, out point clouds are accurate to sub 5mm. This means your deliverables are as accurate as possible.

    Why do people need 3D Laser Scanning Surveys?2024-06-27T13:27:55+00:00

    Traditionally survey teams conducted measured surveys using total stations, DISTO’s, tablets, paper, pens and rulers. These methods can be both inaccurate and also generate incorrect information. Resulting in numerous site visits and inconvenience for both the surveyor and also the client.

    With laser scanning all the site information can be attained in one visit. These are usually quicker and a lot more accurate. Resulting in less site visits, less inconvenience and less costed site days.

    As with all projects your scope could change. Your requirements could change. If you’ve had a 3D laser scanned survey, there is no need to revisit site if the data has already been attained. We can possibly work on the data and amend your drawing without inconveniencing you with another site visit.

    3D laser scanning is more accurate, quicker, less intrusive and produced a greater output with more options.

    What equipment is used in 3D Laser Scanning?2024-06-27T13:29:43+00:00

    At present we use the Trimble X7 and X9 to conduct all our scanning projects. Our scanners provide some of the best accuracies out there.

    This coupled with our scanning software’s and drawing packages we are able to produce almost anything that is required for your project.

    All our equipment is fully maintained, calibrated, and certified by the leading technicians in the UK.

    What does the customer receive after a 3D Laser Scanning Survey?2024-06-27T13:29:52+00:00

    The needs of the projects usually depict the output you need. Here at ZS we can cater for them all. We can produce 3D models in various outputs. We can provide wire frame structures. We can do anything from basic 2D plans to 3D models.

    Some of our standard, frequently requested outputs are:

    • Floorplans
    • Sections
    • Elevations
    • Revit Models
    What format are drawings provided in?2024-06-27T11:29:24+00:00

    Our formats are vast. Some of the main exports are CAD, PDF and Revit. If you have some other output you need just let us know and we could make this work.

    What qualifications do your surveyors have?2024-06-27T11:30:02+00:00

    All our surveyors have a minimum of a TSA qualification. So, rest assured that we are fully qualified to carry out your project.

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