3D Surveys

ZS Surveys are at the cutting edge of scanning technology, accessing the integrated capabilities of the Trimble SX10 and the Trimble X7.

Although a relativity new method of data collection, scanning has been adopted for all aspects of survey.

This enables surveyors to spend less time on site while obtaining accurate detail.

3D laser scanning could be your ideal method of data capture.

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Types of 3D Survey

From land surveys to floor plans 3D laser scanning has an almost limitless capability.

Here at ZS Surveys we utilise the scanner when producing:

  • Measured Building Survey (MBS- floor plans, modelling and utility paths)

  • Structural Elevation

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Monitoring and Deformation Surveys

  • Building Modelling

  • Scan to BIM Modelling

  • Production of point cloud data

  • Utility Mapping (within Substations, Water treatment works, Power Plants, Chemical Works)

3D Laser Scanner Data

3D laser scanning could be your ideal method of data capture. By using laser scanning you can ensure:

  • Sub-millimetre accuracy
  • Minimal site time (for restricted areas)
  • Reduce man power on site
  • Unique model outputs to enable:
    • 3D Model fly throughs
    • Multiple cross sections.
    • 3D model available in true view for presentation
    • Full model for multiple measurements that would be otherwise missed

Experienced in 3D Laser Scanning

Here at ZS Surveys our surveyors are experienced in 3D laser scanning.

We’re able to export to all data outputs you may have.

Our dedicated modelling team both conduct site work and process the data themselves.

This means data will not be misinterpreted or lost.

We aim for all our scans and models to be as accurate as possible and processing the data to extract all the data possible.

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