Building Surveys

Measured building surveys (MBS) are traditionally used by developers.

However, the applications are endless.

Our surveyors are trained in the accurate mapping and production of floorplans, elevations, and the data collection of the structural aspect of buildings.

All these aspects are vital to architects, developers and designers.

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Benefits of Accurate Data

  • Reduces design time

  • Reduces construction time

  • Reduces loss of construction materials

Types of Building Surey

  • Basic Floor Plans

  • Joist, roof and wall plans

  • Detailed Floor Plans (including furniture and utility outlets and inlets)

  • Structural Plans

Top Quality Equipment – Accurate Results

Using our MBS packages and utilising Disto, total stations and 3D laser scanning ZS Surveys have enabled our experienced surveyors to provide unparalleled surveys.

Accuracy and efficiency together save money, and here at ZS Surveys we aim to save you money.

We understand that every job and specification will be different, therefore we will cater a quote specifically to suit your needs.

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