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Drone Surveys

Welcome to our cutting-edge Drone Survey services, where innovation takes flight for precision and efficiency.

At ZS Surveys, we utilise drone surveys to give you a fast and effective way to survey difficult-to-reach or potentially unsafe areas.

Harnessing the power of unmanned aerial vehicles, our drone surveys redefine the landscape of data collection delivering high-resolution imagery, LiDAR, and thermal data to unlock unparalleled insights.

From agriculture and construction to environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection, our drone services provide a comprehensive solution.

Experience the advantage of rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and reduced risk to personnel.

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    Types of Drone Survey

    Drones can be used for a multitude of different surveys such as:

    • Topographical Surveys – This is a survey that essentially maps out the land levels and details such as material changes, building lines, street furniture etc. A drone survey is a good option. However, if a high level of detail is required, a traditional topographical survey may be more suitable.

    • Elevations – Elevation surveys can also be carried out via a drone. However, it is less accurate than laser scanning and not always the best option. Drone elevation surveys are best for elevations where there are high level features that are not visible from ground level.

    • General Site Updates – We have found drones to be especially useful when it comes to keeping site records. Traditionally, this would include site walkouts; making notes and taking imagery before returning to the office to write up and compile them in a document. Whereas, with a drone you can receive one image that can be sent easily between project management, clients and even contractors to avoid multiple visits by multiple personnel on an ever-changing area.

    • Stockpile Surveys – Another service that drones can provide is stockpile surveys. They can easily be photographed and turned into a point cloud to be drawn up and calculated by our in house team at ZS Surveys. This is an improvement on carrying out these surveys using a surveyor with a total station as it removes the need for a surveyor to climb the stockpile for levels on the top. It also means a large area, or even multiple sites, can be done in a day, getting you results faster with a lower cost and greater accuracy.

    • Roof / General Inspection Surveys – With a minimum of a 4k camera, we can fly our drone in places that are difficult to get to and obtain high-quality imagery. This can be utilised to find defects, design flaws and other issues that you would struggle to locate without the drone accessibility.

    What We Provide

    Do You Have Any Questions? Our Experienced Team Is Ready To Help

    Why Use ZS Surveys For Your Drone Survey?

    ZS Surveys provide a one stop shop for all your drone survey needs from a basic stockpile survey to a full high-detail roof plan and imagery.

    Our experienced team will help you through the process from the initial enquiry to the final output.

    We guarantee that you will receive:

    • A competitive quotation and transparent costings
    • A method statement and risk assessment that reflects the project
    • Qualified and professional surveyors
    • Use of the best and latest equipment
    • Efficient and accurate processing
    • Quick deliverables from the measured building survey
    • Reactive and proactive project management
    • Fully qualified pilots

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Drone Survey?2024-01-26T12:42:04+00:00

    A drone survey refers to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to collect data and information about a specific area or site.

    These surveys are employed in various fields for mapping, monitoring, and analyzing landscapes, structures, or environments.

    Drone surveys offer several advantages over traditional survey methods, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to access hard-to-reach or dangerous areas.

    Why do people need Drone Surveys?2024-01-29T13:47:38+00:00

    There are numerous reasons that someone may require a drone survey, and, here at ZS Surveys, we are there to provide for your requirements.

    Some of the reasons you may require drone surveys are to:

    • Mitigate working at height
    • Access unsafe areas such as high-water tables
    • Allow for detailed photos of areas for conditions of roofs, brickwork, high-level drainage pipes, etc.
    • Provide video footage of areas that are difficult to access
    • Cover large areas where basic survey information is required in a shorter timescale than traditional survey
    How much does a Drone Survey cost?2024-01-29T13:49:14+00:00

    The cost of a drone survey depends on:

    • The size of the area
    • The complexity
    • The type of drone survey required
    • The amount of post-processing required

    We recommend you contact us on 01924 763255 or info@zssurveys.com to discuss your requirements.

    What areas can be surveyed using a drone?2024-01-29T13:51:19+00:00

    Most types of areas and buildings can be surveyed by drone with the correct safety arrangements and permissions.

    Some of these include.

    • Heritage buildings
    • Contemporary and modern building
    • Historic buildings (castles, palaces, churches, dungeons)
    • Residential Buildings
    • NHS and Healthcare Buildings
    • Schools and education centres
    • Leisure centres and sports facilities
    • Warehouse, offices and manufacturing centres
    • Farm buildings
    • Pump stations and water infrastructure
    • Farmland
    • Inaccessible roofs
    • Water tables
    • Quarries

    Some areas are more difficult to use a drone (e.g. airports due to restrictive airspace).

    However, we will be happy to try and help with any areas or land that you require a drone survey of, and, if this is not suitable, we will happily provide an alternative solution.

    How long does a Drone Survey take?2024-01-29T13:53:12+00:00

    The length of a drone survey depends on a number of variables.

    A simple field may only take 20-60 minutes to fly. However, this could capture enough data for 2/3 days of drawing and processing.

    We recommend you contact us on 01924 763255 or info@zssurveys.com to discuss your requirements.

    What equipment is used in a Drone Survey?2024-01-26T12:40:18+00:00

    There are many different types of drones.

    Here at ZS Surveys, we utilise quad copter style drones as these allow for the greatest versatility.

    All drones we use are equipped with RTK and are fully inspected before every use to ensure the safety of both the operator and members of the public.

    We also utilise GPS ground control points on any drone survey where it is required.

    Over the last few years, we have invested in 2 different sized drones to allow for the most versatility in the services we can provide.

    And over the coming years, we hope to increase our drone fleet and keep investing in the latest technology

    How accurate is the Drone Survey?2024-01-26T12:40:33+00:00

    Drone surveys are not as accurate as traditional surveys and laser scan surveys.

    However, with the addition of ground GPS, we can increase the accuracy to a level that is acceptable for most surveys.

    What qualifications do your drone surveyors have?2024-01-29T13:54:19+00:00

    All our pilots hold GVC and A2coc certificates.

    Additionally, ZS Surveys have CAA operational authorisation.

    What does the customer receive after a Drone Survey?2024-01-26T12:41:06+00:00

    Once your site work is complete, we will conduct a series of data process to ensure that your drone data is as accurate as possible.

    Once this is complete, we will start the data extraction.

    Dependant on your requirement, we can provide specific files.

    However, our main data format would come in the form of a PDF,CAD files, image or video files (.pdf/.dwg/jpeg)

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