Engineering Surveys

At ZS Surveys our engineers want to care for your development from its conception.

From the initial topographical survey to enable planning approval, to the final as-built surveys.

Our engineers are equipped with industry leading total stations which are capable of millimetre accuracy.

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Phases of Engineering Survey

We have broken down our services into phases to enable you to get the most from our services:

1-Pre-construction Phase

This is before any construction has begun and can involve:

  • Topographical Survey of the site
  • Volumetric Surveys (to indicate earth to be removed or imported)
  • Introduction of site control.
  • Produced drawings in Autocad format.
  • Design of soft features in Autocad.

The pre-construction phase allows ZS Surveys to establish its self within the job and enables us to attain the relevant data for you to continue with the development process.

Here at ZS we are here for you, so should you wish to add anything to the pre-construction phase, our engineers are always on hand to assist.

2- Construction Phase

This is during the physical development of the project. Our engineers have the capability to provide:

  • Installation and monitoring of primary control.
  • 2D and 3D setting out of:
    • Buildings, Structures and Retaining Walls.
    • Kerbs, Roads and Junctions
    • Bolt Boxes for steel structures.
    • Drainage routes, Manholes and Gullies
    • Fences, Paths and Soft Features.
    • General Land Movement.
    • 3D positioning of utilities (Gas mains, Rising Mains and Utility Ducting)
  • As-Built Surveys.
  • Monitoring of the structure
  • As-Laid surveys
  • Production of progression drawings in Autocad format.

Our engineers are here for you. Should you need anything further then we are here to help. Just let us know what you require and our team of engineers will implement the solution.

3- Post-Construction Phase

Upon completion of the development our engineers are able to conduct a quality control survey.

This is to ensure all dimensional aspects of the development meet the design requirement.

This can involve:

  • As-Built Topographical Survey
  • As-Built elevations
  • As-Built 3D laser scanned data.
  • Continuation monitoring

Post construction surveys are a vital part of the quality control process. It is vital that the data provided is accurate.

ZS Surveys utilise sub-millimetre accurate equipment, coupled with experienced Surveying Engineers, ensuring the most accurate data possible.

From Start to Finish

Our engineers at ZS surveys are always happy to help, from the start to the end of your projects.

We understand that not all projects are the same, so we cater packages to the suit the client.

This will ensure you get a cost-effective solution to your engineering requirements.

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