Basically put a topographical survey (topo) is a highly detailed map of the area of interest.

But this isn’t any type of map. This is a detailed drawing indicating the detailed height and position of features, to enable a highly accurate design or model of the area.

Some of the features that are commonly surveyed are kerb and feature lines, buildings, utility covers, manhole and drainage information, trees and general ground levels.

All of this information allows us to create a 3D model that can be used when designing on or altering land.

Our surveyors use an array of different techniques to ensure that all the information that is obtained is accurate and relevant to your projects.

Our standard practice is to use a total station to capture the majority of the information required. This is complimented with the GPS equipment to ensure that all areas are covered and also coordinated to the OS network. This means your data isn’t just relevant, it’s the correct height above sea level and in the correct location in the country.

There are various other ways we can obtain information. Why not give us a call to chat?