A detailed utility survey can save at a minimum, money, but ultimately can save someone’s life.

There are 60,000 utility strikes in the UK each year. This can range from digging through a drain to encountering high voltage cables.

The utility strikes have come at a cost of roughly £2.4 billion but cost countless lives.

Some of the reasons you may have to conduct a utility survey could be:

  • Accurate plans for architects. Accurate plans both above and below ground save money in unnecessary unknown build charges.
  • Safe dig plans. If you are planning excavations, accurate below ground plans could save time and lives.
  • New utility laying. Accurate plans of the route could save you time and stop unexpected delays. Knowing what’s in front of you will create accurate design resulting in effective construction.
  • Open trench excavation, drilling, or directional drilling. Safe dig packs will save lives, time, and resources.
  • If your development links to an existing development, knowing where the utilities are will save you time and resources.