There are a lot of instances where a topographical survey isn’t used in the design process.

The issues that can be introduced will only be discovered during construction. This then becomes costly if you are the bill payer.

Having a highly accurate topographical survey is the foundation to a successful project.

From a small extension to a cross country rail track, all projects will benefit from a highly accurate survey carried out by a competent team of surveyors.

Some of the benefits that we have seen professionally in the 20 years we have been in the industry are:

  • A quicker design period
  • More accurate design
  • Planning of a more efficient build
  • Less waste
  • More accurate costings from builders
  • Accurate cut and fill volumes (less waste)
  • Quicker build time
  • Less down time

Ultimately the initial cost of a topographical survey could save you thousands in the correct design and planning.