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Measured Building Surveys

A measured building survey comprises of a range of services, from scanning existing structural detail, floorplans, sections, or elevations. We measure each of these separately or as a whole project depending on your individual needs.

Where needed, measured building surveys can be conducted alongside topographical surveys or utility surveys.

ZS Surveys provide accurate measured building surveys to suit your exact requirements and we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service from the initial enquiry through to the final output.

We have a team of surveyors with extensive experience in all types of projects. Our team can advise on the most effective way to conduct your survey which still delivers accurate, efficient, and quality data but will also save you time and money.

We use the very latest technology to ensure the most accurate results and delivery of information; our information can be delivered in a variety of ways; we are happy to accommodate your preferred delivery method.

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    Types of Measured Building Survey

    We offer a range of Measured Building Surveys including:

    Floorplans provide the overall layout of your building.

    This can include:

    • Walls
    • Beams
    • Stairs
    • Structural Openings (Doors, Windows, Hatches etc)
    • Roof layouts (beams, rafters, truss locations, purlins)
    • Fit outs (Kitchen, Office Furniture, Lockers)
    • Sanitary Ware
    • Voids

    This all comes with the associated heights including ceiling heights, beam heights, floor levels, window sill/head and door heights.

    Elevations are an accurate drawing of the building’s façade.

    If you can see it on the face of your building then it can be accurately plotted.

    This will include all the features that you can see from the outside of the property including:

    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Rainwater and soil pipes
    • Utilities (alarms, electrics, vents, etc.)
    • Bricks
    • Wall and roof lines
    • Defects (cracks, missing bricks, damages, etc.)

    Simply put, a section drawing is a slice at various points through the building.

    Imagine a cake; you take a slice through the cake and see the various layers. A section drawing is the same concept but with a building.

    A section drawing is perfect for the visualisation of the floors in relation to one another.

    This is ideal for architects, planners and designers as it gives them a visual representation of rooms, floors, stairs and openings in relation to one another.

    This is the high end of a measured building survey.

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a workflow with an output that produces a model that can be interpolated.

    Used by architects and designers, BIM can give the best visualisation of space height and detail that your building has.

    Here at ZS Surveys, we can produce a model for you and your team to use in the development of your project.

    We can deliver an output with the most intricate of details on it, from just walls and openings, to ornate stone work.

    What We Provide

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    What Types of Buildings Can Be Surveyed?

    Any type of property can be surveyed as long as its safe to access.

    Some of our projects have included:

    • Heritage buildings
    • contemporary and modern buildings

    • Historic buildings (castles, palaces, churches, dungeons)
    • Residential buildings

    • NHS and healthcare buildings

    • Schools and education centres

    • Leisure centres and sports facilities
    • Warehouse, offices and manufacturing centres
    • Prisons
    • Farm buildings
    • Substations, power services

    • Pumpstations and water infrastructure

    Why Use ZS Surveys For Your Measured Building Survey?

    ZS Surveys provide a comprehensive service for all your measured building needs.

    From the basic garage to a historic palace, ZS Surveys can provide the services to get you what you need.

    From the first initial enquiry to the final output, our team will help you through the process.

    When using ZS Surveys for your measured building surveys, we can ensure:

    • Excellent project management

    • A competitive quotation and transparent costings

    • Qualified and professional surveyors

    • Use of the best and latest equipment

    • Efficient and accurate processing

    • Quick deliverables from the measured building survey
    • A method statement and risk assessment that reflects the project

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Measured Building Survey?2023-11-24T15:59:56+00:00

    Measured Building Surveys involve taking measurements of a building (or buildings) with the aim of producing detailed and accurate drawings.

    The level of detail and accuracy required will depend on what the drawings will be used for and must be discussed and agreed at the beginning of every project.

    Here at ZS Surveys, we don’t see a measured building surveys as a product; we see it as more of a service.

    The end goal for most measured building surveys is the production of building plans that are accurate and include all the information you need to further your project.

    This can be in the form of 2D plans, much like a topographical survey, or 3D plans like a Revit or BIM model.

    The end requirement will always depend on your needs but, ultimately, a measured building survey is a service in which our surveyors take a series of accurate measurements of your building and produce relevant and accurate plans to which designs can be placed.

    Why do people need Measured Building Surveys?2023-10-23T15:44:24+00:00

    There can be a number of reasons for carrying out a measured building survey.

    The most common reason will always be development.

    Most architects and project management contractors require sets of existing plans so that they can design your project more effectively.

    Having an accurate set of existing plans of your property will always help you throughout your project.

    Designing onto a set of accurate plans will:


    • Increase productivity of the architects (do it nice or do it twice)
    • Enable more accurate costings of materials
    • Decrease wastage of excess materials
    • Decrease the likeliness of hidden costs
    • Increase accurate loading and engineering calculations
    • Increase productivity when planning the project
    How much does a Measured Building Survey cost?2023-10-23T15:44:34+00:00

    The price of a Measured Building Survey all depends on the size of the building and the output you are requiring.

    All buildings are different and require different detailing so the length of time on site can vary which will impact the cost of the project.

    Essentially, we will cater for your budget and your needs and be honest and open with the possibilities and costs.

    How long does a Measured Building Survey take?2023-10-23T15:44:41+00:00

    This can vary. Usually dependant on the size and scale of the building. As no building is the same and no planning application is the same attributing a time scale to a measured building survey can only be done once we know the size and need of the survey.

    What equipment is used in a Measured Building Survey?2023-10-23T15:44:50+00:00

    Simply put, a 3D Laser Scanner.

    ZS Surveys have the ability to utilise an array of equipment to ensure you have the accuracy you need.

    In the last 5 years, we have undergone an overthrow of equipment. We have invested heavily in the most modern and accurate equipment. This will not only provide you with the best possible data but will also minimise the amount of time on site, saving you time and costs.

    At present, we use some of the latest Trimble scanning stations and total stations (TPS).

    For the last 3 years, when conducting a measured building survey we have ensured that all projects are laser scanned. This is to ensure accuracy but to also minimise disruption and potential revisits.

    We scan your project with our laser scanner. We will then use a series of processing software to extract your information. We will then store your project on our server should you ever need anything further.

    How accurate is the survey?2023-10-23T15:52:46+00:00

    Generally, we obtain data using the Trimble X7 and X12.

    This equipment is accurate up to 2mm.

    So, rest assured that accuracy is to the forefront of our minds.

    What qualifications do your surveyors have?2023-10-23T15:52:57+00:00

    All our surveyors hold a minimum of a TSA or HNC.

    Within our ranks of surveyors, we have TSA qualified surveyors and also degree qualified engineers.

    So please, rest assured that we have the best surveyors in the country.

    What does the customer receive after a Measured Building Survey?2023-10-23T15:47:56+00:00

    Once your site work is complete we will conduct a series of data process to ensure that your Laser Scan data is as accurate as possible.

    Once this is complete we will start the data extraction.

    Depending on your requirement, we can provide specific file types.

    However, our main data format would come in the form of a PDF and CAD file (.pdf/.dwg)

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