Safety at Work

The ZS Surveys team all attended Stop For Safety Day to learn about Health and Safety in the workplace.

We take the safety of our work place and our colleagues very seriously here at ZS Surveys so we were pleased to offer the team high quality and engaging Safety training.

By fully understanding the risk of injury or harm and remaining aware of our surroundings and best practice at all times we can prevent accidents or injuries occurring.

This training is vital so that our team are familiar and confident with proper manual handling techniques and are able to respond quickly to any potential accidents on the job.

We all agree it was a day well spent.

Safety Training

The training we attended was hosted by Olive Tree Training and covered topics such as Emergency First Aid and Manual Handling.

This training is valuable, not only in the workplace, but throughout our personal lives as well and may well be used in an incident outside of work.

We believe everyone should attend and update Emergency First Aid training because we really don’t know when we will need it and it could save lives.

Within the work place and on sites, this training is vital.

Olive Tree Training Providers

Olive Tree Training courses are a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical sessions designed to develop ability, practical knowledge, and confidence.

We found the courses to be of the highest quality and very insightful.

Olive Tree Training courses include –

  • SIA Training

  • First Aid Courses

  • Health and Safety Courses

  • Fire Safety Courses

  • and many more

We highly recommend Olive Tree Training to anyone who feels they, as a company or as individuals, need to gain greater theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of a wide range of safety issues at work.

What our Director, Sean Smith, had to say

“We are very proud of the fact we put site safety at the forefront of our working practices.

It is vital that everyone working on-site is properly trained and aware of how to react to an emergency situation.

I think I speak for the whole team when I say we thoroughly enjoyed the training and are looking forward to next year!

We would like to thank Olive Tree Training for making the training informative, easy to understand and engaging.”

Sean Smith, ZS Surveys