Customer Requirements

Our working relationship with Baily Garner is fairly new but, in a short space of time, we have provided an extensive range of measured building surveys, topographical surveys and underground utility surveys.

Just before the 2023 summer holidays, Baily Garner had a request, through the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP), to provide measured building surveys of all 18 schools within the trust.

Our surveys were required to enable the accurate design and implementation of energy efficient changes to the school  in the form of lighting changes, window changes and electrical distribution amendments.

With a Partnership as large as ATLP, a small change to more energy efficient lights could save tens of thousands of pounds a year and with tight budgets, every little helps.

Ultimately, we won this project due to cost. It came down to ZS Surveys and a rival survey company but we were the most cost effective thanks to having invested heavily in purchasing our own equipment and not having the expensive cost of hire added to our costings.

Pump House

Work Carried Out By ZS Surveys

For this project, our main obstacle was providing the sheer volume of survey in such a short period of time.

All the survey information was to be completed on site within the 6-week summer holidays which required a lot of man-power.

We were given a list of 18 schools ranging from small primary schools (200 children) to large secondary schools (around 2000 children).

The schools were given to us in order of priority which allowed us to allocate the order we’d work in and the assumed time on site.

We had 4 surveyors constantly on the field work. In total, our surveyors completed round 5000 scans across the 18 schools.

The rest of the team was in the background processing the information ready for delivery. The large number of scans meant there was a vast amount of data for our computer and servers had to handle.

The Pump House

The End Result

We successfully provided accurate drawings of the existing floors of all 18 schools within the 6-week holidays without subcontracting any work out.

This was a huge success for ZS Surveys as the whole team worked cohesively and pulled together to produce the goods.

We were able to get the drawings back to the client within the challenging time-frame without sacrificing any of our usual quality and accuracy.

The team at ATLP and Baily Garner were thrilled with the project which has resulted in return work.

We look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Pump House