Customer Requirements

We have worked with this client several times in the past, on a number of projects all across the UK, delivering engineering and topographical support for their own civil engineering team.

In this case, the client required us to conduct site engineering for a new flood plane for the local beaver population.

The flood plane required detailed levels and alignments to enable a stream to filter through the landscape and create a wetland.

Work Carried out By ZS Surveys

In September 2022, Sean (Director) arrived at the site and met with the our client’s civil engineering team.

This job was much like any other. However when speaking with the client, it was noted that there are not many companies willing to adapt their working practices to cater for the local beaver population.

Sean used the Trimble R12i, with fixed permanent markers, to conduct the setting out of the 660m site area. This was so that any future development could use these markers.

Using this information, the ground was cultivated, shaped and excavated.

Once the stream was damned, the water running through the area created a wetland and began to develop the area into the perfect habitat for the beavers.

The End Result

The setting out map provided by Sean used Google Earth, allowing the client to better visualise the terrain and understand the work they needed to undertake.

This was achieved using N4ce and the .KMZ output function. A brilliant tool and a massive help to all those who took part in this project.

Our relationship with this client has gone from strength to strength and, at the time of writing, we are currently working on our next project together and are looking forward to many more in the future.

The client is quoted as saying…

“ZS Surveys have been instrumental in the safe, accurate and efficient delivery of this and many other projects. We highly recommend them and will always look to use ZS Surveys in the future.”