Customer Requirements

ZS Surveys recently carried out this Site Engineering project for Ebsford Environmental Ltd.

Ebsford Environmental were looking to upgrade this river with the removal of a Victorian weir, installation of a new rock ramp and landscaping of the surrounding area.

ZS Surveys were asked to carry out site engineering, setting up line and levels for construction to take place.

Importantly, we were required to supply datums, update new levels post flash floods and set out points to keep within the design tolerances.

Work Carried out By ZS Surveys

The project took place in June 2022 at Bowston Weir in the Lake District.

Much of this project was a standard setting out project although working within a waterway certainly created a few additional challenges.

Our owner, Zak Hustwaite, was on hand to manage the project. Much of the work was carried out using our trusted Trimble R12 and Trimble S5.

We initially conducted a topographical survey for the project to be based on. From there, we set out the alignment and level throughout various stages of the project.

We set out the alignment of the diversion and also levels, profile boards and grading.

We worked closely with the ground workers to ensure that the project was in dimensional tolerance.

The End Result

We were able to complete this project successfully, providing Ebsford Environmental with everything they asked for.

We are proud to have worked closely with Ebsford Environmental on various projects over the last 3 years.

We have worked with them all over the country and have always made time to help them when and where needed, even when our schedule is busy. This seems to be greatly appreciated.

This particular project is ongoing and is to be completed in various stages.

Once the weir is removed, the river downstream will be graded which is crucial for the migration of salmon, and other aquatic species, both up and downstream.

The final project should be completed in early 2023.