Customer Requirements

We were approached by a private client who needed a survey of their property.

The property was a pre-1900 old water pump house that had pumped water from an underground reservoir from Selby to Sheffield.

They required a full measured building survey of the property, elevations, floorplans, and roof plans.

The building is rather quirky with a few differing floor levels throughout.

A full measured survey was required so the owners could best make use of the space that they have.

The building had been renovated to a residential standard previously. However, the charm and quirk of the building was hidden.

The owners want to renovate to extract and unearth some of the original features of the pump house.

Pump House

Work Carried Out By ZS Surveys

Sean of ZS Surveys Ltd conducted a full survey of  The Old Pump House in North Yorkshire in June 2023.

We have conducted the internal and external 3D scanning of the property so the details required could be extracted to a useable format.

The client wanted to measure the building so that the architects could design a home that was not only functional but could also extract some of the old features of the building, creating an environment that’s not only useable for a growing family but also pays homage to the beauty of the building around them.

We utilised the Trimble x7, S5 and the R10. All data was processed using Realworks and N4ce.

The beauty of the building and the surrounding area created a memorable project for us at ZS Surveys. This was also embellished by the warm welcome we received from the client and their family.

The Pump House

The End Result

The data was provided to the client in a point cloud file, PDF and a CAD file that their clients could use in the design of the building.

All information was reviewed by the architects and the client, and they were happy with the level of work that was provided.

There were some small areas that were unclear on the walk around site but became transparent while drawing the project. For example, thickness of walls and loss of space in voids.

Since delivering, we have returned to the clients home to deliver the hard copy of the project. We displayed some methodology and took them on a walk through the pointcloud info.

“I have been very pleased with the process from start to finish.

The scanning of the house went quickly, as did the production of the deliverables; the whole process has been completed in a much shorter timescale than I was expecting.

The deliverables look fantastic, and we are very pleased with the output.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

The Pump House